8 ideas for an original christening table decoration

8 ideas for an original christening table decoration

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Organizing a pretty civil or religious baptism reception is not an easy task. To make the most of this wonderful day dedicated to your child and family, it is best to plan ahead. Here is a selection of 8 original ideas that suit all budgets so that your baptism table looks like no other. Let the festivities begin !

Mom, the little boats

Here is another theme that will suit little adventurers and all those who wish to highlight innocence and childhood. The small paper boats are easy to make and allow a thousand fancies, whether for a garland or for place cards. We also retain the idea of ​​the towel ring buoy to stay in the same theme.


The lace, even in small touches, will bring immediate elegance to your baptism table decor. Use as a table runner or to customize your vases.

Life is a party

The proof that baptism does not necessarily have to be done in the watered down. Here the nuances are put aside and good humor is put with the plastic ducks and the terry towels. In short we announce the entry color with this cheerful and assumed decoration!

Balloons and lanterns

It also works very well with the pompoms in tissue paper. It is the ideal solution to add volume and height to your table decor. We keep the idea of ​​confetti to place in balloons before inflating or mini pompoms to stick outside. For the lanterns, remember that it is the accumulation that is the most effective so do not hesitate in front of the number for a spectacular effect.

Jordan almonds

What would be a baptism without sugared almonds? Here are three original ways to present them to surprise your guests. The most difficult now will be to choose between windmill sugared almonds, berlingot sugared almonds or liberty sugared almonds.

A religious holiday

Let us not forget that baptism is also a religious holiday. We can therefore retain some of the most significant signs of this event to decorate your table sparingly. The symbol of the cross can be used for the dragee box or to decorate candles. Another decorative element reminiscent of baptism: the medallion which serves here as a fastener for small gifts to guests.

Little things

No need to devour your entire budget in table decor. The proof with these three pretty ideas which cost almost nothing and which will demonstrate to all your guests that you have fairy fingers. Blue hydrangeas or other garden flowers can be simply enhanced with a burlap table runner. Well-customized cans can perfectly camouflage themselves in vases. As for the candy necklace napkin ring, it's hard to resist!