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When the toilet is installed in another room

When the toilet is installed in another room

We are not all lucky enough to have separate toilets. So when they are shared with another room, they are to be chosen with care. Bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, multifunctional room, discover all of our room atmospheres that have hosted the toilets…

Toilet in a small bathroom

Ikea When the toilet is installed in a small bathroom, take care of the dimensions. Small footprint, angle or suspended there are several solutions. It is best to draw a sketch of your room to scale and explore the different possibilities.

Toilet in the room

Laufen When the bathroom opens onto the bedroom, the layout solutions are reduced. The best thing is to center your toilet between the different pieces of bathroom furniture so that they are hidden.

Toilets in the laundry room

Ikea In a small space, it is preferable to choose small toilets and to harmonize the color of the walls so that they blend in with the decor.

Toilet in a small bathroom

Leroy Merlin The toilets in a small bathroom are placed against the wall of the bath, leaving just room to access the bath. An ingenious location that can accommodate in a very small space a bath, toilets and a vanity unit.

Toilets in a shower room

Leroy Merlin The toilets can also hide behind a wall to be less present in the room. Thus isolated, they are separated by a wall halfway up to avoid a feeling of suffocation.

Toilets in a small designer bathroom

Ideal If you want to integrate the toilets in a small designer bathroom, it is preferable to choose them as discreet as possible. Suspended preferably for a minimum bulk, they display pure and sober lines.

Toilets in a retro bathroom

Ikea When the bathroom displays a retro spirit, the toilets also harmonize so as not to denote and make the style collapse. Using the curved lines of old-style toilets, they are covered with a black bowl.