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Rock scene in the teen bedroom

Rock scene in the teen bedroom

Summer is the holiday season but also music festivals. Among them, the legendary Rock en Seine. If it is held this in Paris from August 23 to 25, for teenagers, it is directly in their room that it happens. Because summer is also the perfect season to reinvent the decoration of your personal space! Based on guitars, skulls and rebellious inscriptions, theirs has never been so "rock". Take a look at our shopping selection of already favorite objects…

A "rock" headboard

Maisons du Monde Even adorned with a purple color, the headboard can boast of being rock and rebellious. An inscription surrounded by angel wings will have been right in his musical choice, duly completed with a line of 33 rock towers hanging on the wall and a painting from the same collection.

Union Jack cushions

Maisons du Monde The British flag alone embodies English pop / rock culture, which is adored all over the world. Easy then with two or three cushions to set the tone!

Furniture and objects named "Rock"

Maisons du Monde Dresser, headboard or wall painting, all have been baptized according to our teenager's favorite musical register. What better way to personalize your refuge with punch and style?

A skull chair

Maisons du Monde A true rock style sidekick, the skull motif is particularly pampered. We voted for this leather armchair on which it is illustrated with chic. For young teenagers who listen to rock all day long, here is the perfect seat!

Dozens of guitars

Maisons du Monde Available in the form of a wardrobe, desk or mirror, Madame guitar, or cult rockers' instrument takes center stage. Sold.

Guitarist bed linen

La Redoute By putting on a show of guitars, the teenagers' bed makes its concert.

Slate paint

Maisons du Monde To draw their vision of rock attitude according to their desires, nothing like a slate effect wall!

A winged cushion

Maisons du Monde Rather than scratching the wings of angels (or rockers) on the back, we adopt them as a motif on a cushion. On the bed, it sets the mood ...

A star glasses mirror

Maisons du Monde In the bedroom of budding rockers, the mirror will not be classic but shaped like glasses like their favorite bands. Chic, right?