Selection of urban wallpapers

Selection of urban wallpapers

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If you are a city dweller at heart, here is a panorama of 100% urban wallpapers that you might like. Or how to travel to major megalopolises and capitals such as London, Paris or New York while staying at home!

I love London

Castorama ### Close-up of Big Ben and a road sign indicating various London districts such as the coveted "Covent Garden". Yes, this strip of wallpaper offers the dining room an exotic view that makes us travel across the Channel!

Metro plan

Castorama ### The Paris metro map on a wall, or almost. Here, the names of the stations have been swapped for that of the New York stations! That said, the wall makes a brief return trip Paris - New York underground to reveal the very urban inclination of your decor.

New York skyscrapers

Saint Maclou ### Manhattan seen from above and buildings as far as the eye can see. A very graphic rendering on the walls which transports us to the heart of the Big Apple.

Direction London

Saint Maclou ### On this strip of wallpaper, the English flag alternates with the telephone boxes and red buses characteristic of London. A pop and urban touch in the bedroom or in the living room for all lovers of the British capital…