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I set up a desk in my room

I set up a desk in my room

For lack of space, it sometimes happens that the bedroom also acts as an office. In general, the idea of ​​sleeping in the middle of paperwork and professional affairs hardly enchants many people, however there are smart and easy ideas to make cohabitation possible.

A strategic view

Ikea During the day, the desk has an outside view and in the evening, the bed is placed so that the desk area is invisible. This strategic arrangement makes it possible to separate the two functions even if space is limited.

An untapped place

Ikea Since the office has to find its place in the bedroom, try to find the least exploited corner. We take the opportunity to invest a space under the stairs or under the eaves which, until then, had been completely ignored.

Trompe l'oeil

Alinea If you have a library in your room, expose your desk right in front of it so it can easily be transformed into a reading corner once the working day is over.

Contrasting desk

Habitat Another idea to separate office and bedroom is to create a color contrast. For example, you can paint a section of wall of a different color to delimit the work space from the sleeping space.

Hidden office

Paragraph Conversely, you can also choose to make your office as discreet as possible by installing it in a corner and choosing it in a dark color.

Natural materials

Purpose If your room is bright and light in color, choose a desk with a clean and natural style so it will not darken the general atmosphere of the room.

The dressing table

La Redoute You can completely divert a dressing table, which has a logical place in the bedroom, in the office. Your furniture will then double use.

The console desk

La Redoute If your bedroom is sorely lacking in space, you can choose a shallow console to transform it into an office. Once the work day is over, the trinkets will replace the laptop.

The secretary's office

La Redoute Once the door is raised, you can forget the stress of the working day and devote yourself to rest. The secretary is a clever piece of furniture whose success does not weaken.