10 wall coverings that energize the bathroom

10 wall coverings that energize the bathroom

When you create your bathroom, it is easy to fall into the classic and therefore boring. In the same way, the bathrooms that one finds when arriving in a new accommodation sometimes lack a little pep's and originality. We have selected ten coatings for you that will allow you to avoid any boring decoration.

Get inspired by the metro

IKEA For a touch of originality, opt for the very popular - and nevertheless original - tiling of the Paris metro, white and rectangular.

Paneling and painting

IKEA For a more classic style but with a minimal touch, opt for a double that never fails to have an effect: on the lower part of the wall, install a nice wooden paneling in the color of your choice and match it with a pretty paint on the top part.

The printed wallpaper

Graham & Brown Printed wallpaper is very often used in the home to add a little texture to rooms. We don't always think of using it in the bathroom where it has the most beautiful effect.

Mix the tiles

Alexandre's baths To energize your bathroom, do not hesitate to mix sizes and colors of tiles. Here, the lightest parts are in large burgundy stone tiles. The shower and toilet floor is made of mosaic of tiny tiles. Source: Alexander's baths

Blue and white tiles

Castorama Fancy a graphic touch in your bathroom? This is possible with this coating of blue and white tiles, which brings pep's and freshness to the room.

Bring color

Wall & Deco / Serena Confalonieri To transform your ultra modern bathroom into a room with a softer and more rural decor, nothing like the Hanami floral wallpaper imagined by the designer Serena Confalonieri. Source: Wall & Deco

A simple structured medium panel

Alexandre's baths To energize a bathroom, there are many tips. Here, the white structured medium panel that we see on the right of the image is actually a sliding door that hides the laundry area. Source: Alexander's baths

Deconstruct the walls

Marius Aurenti In this exceptional bathroom, you had to know how to bet on sobriety. The owners opted for a total black and white look. Behind the bathtub, there is a waterproof waxed concrete partition. Source: Marius Aurenti

Lime tadeltalk

Les Trois Matons Tadetalk is a coating of traditional Moroccan decoration. He dresses the walls of palaces, hammams and riads. Waterproof, it is appreciated for its slightly satin finish. Source: The Three Matons