Dinner on the balcony by Eva Solo

Dinner on the balcony by Eva Solo

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The Danish design brand Eva Solo invites us at the beginning of spring to take advantage of the slightest breakthrough in the blue sky. By unveiling these new products, she is emphasizing these long summer evenings with friends around a large table. A taste of our summer nights.

Silicone bowls

Eva Solo This bowl, present in the center of the table, can be used for all kinds of uses. With its low silicone part, it has a perfect grip. Once this sleeve has been removed, you can use this bowl (€ 29.95 for two) in the microwave or in the traditional oven.

Sunlight lamps

Eva Solo The originality of this solar lamp (€ 59.95) is to fully integrate its solar collector to hide it from our eyes. And since no thread is trailing, only the beautiful remains visible.

Glass lanterns

Eva Solo With its handle, this lantern can be hung in the trees or just placed on the table. It all depends on the atmosphere you want! Available in two colors (white or smoked gray) and two sizes (49.95 and 59.95 €), it can be used with simple tealights.

Glasses and serving dish

Eva Solo In this service, everything is there to prepare an outdoor anthology dinner. The glasses (24.50 and 39.95 €) which seem very classic have a bevelled edge to allow the aromas to be fully revealed. The dish (76.50 €) that can be seen at the lower level of the service, is equipped with a double handle for easy transport.

Gas barbecue

Eva Solo Eva Solo's gas barbecue (€ 849) is now available in matt black, but the principle remains the same: a gas bottle completely hidden so that the barbecue fits like a sculpture in your garden or balcony.