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10 original creations by Atypyk

10 original creations by Atypyk

The quirky objects of Atypyk have invaded our daily life for already 10 years. Behind each object, Jean Sébastien Ides and Ivan Duval play with the sense of objects to create accessories that are sure to make you smile. Here are 10 creations to discover in pictures.


Atypyk When the pocket mirror meets the pocket lamp, it gives an original object where the light is replaced by a mirror.


Atypyk Inspired by the Meccano children's game, this coat hook plays the industrial style card while offering a playful shape. Convenient to brighten up an entrance with style.


Atypyk Here is an object that oscillates between poetic design and offbeat tone. For this funny manger, the creators have caged a porcelain plate. Enough to feed birds in style.

Cutting board

Atypyk The trend of wall hunting trophies goes to the table with Atypyk which offers a cutting board taking the shape of the trophy bases. A little hunting air then blows on your meal.

Cutting board

Atypyk For your breakfast toast, Atypyk transforms the slice of sandwich bread into a wooden cutting board that does not lack style.


Atypyk To surprise your guests, you can opt for these coasters which take the form of a mini puddle. Maniacs may well lose their heads.

Salad servers

Atypyk To mix the salad, Atypyk breaks the traditional codes and offers handyman keys to slip into your salad bowl. What surprise your guests and give a playful touch to your table.

Pie plate

Atypyk For a piece of pie or pizza, no need for a whole plate! This is the idea of ​​Atypyk which offers plates adapted to the portions you will serve.


Atypyk The mustache is trendy in decoration! Atypyk does not forget it with these pencils which each dress with a different mustache.