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10 ideas for organizing your home with pegboards

10 ideas for organizing your home with pegboards

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Very good way to store your little bazaar, the perforated panel is invited in all your rooms. It accommodates dishes, your beauty products, your kitchen utensils or your tools. In addition to being practical, it can be beautifully staged. The proof with these 10 ideas to organize the house with perforated panels.

A reminder for the entrance

The Design Files Finally, you will stop forgetting! Placed in your entrance, this perforated metal panel will easily act as a reminder. In addition to hanging invitations with magnets, photos will also be welcome by planting hooks in the small holes in the panel. Source: The Design Files

The perforated panel for your jewelry

Etsy Tired of losing your earrings? Thanks to this perforated panel, you can organize and hang all your jewelry. Organize them by type or by color to find them easily! For a touch of originality, bomb some prints using decorative stencils. Source: Etsy

In a shelving room

One Happy Mess In your bedroom, the pegboard also finds its place. Install small shelves to display all your trinkets like in a real little museum. Source: One Happy Mess (//

To organize the children's desk

Petit and Small Children often find it difficult to organize all their belongings… Help them by installing a large pegboard behind their desk. Add shelves where they can store their notebooks. Plant small nails so that they hang their good notes! Source: Petit And Small

The panel of the little seamstress

The Happy Housie In your laundry room, your little couture space will find a place of choice! Hang pretty wicker baskets to store your sewing equipment or laundry. Source: The Happy Housie

The small handyman's workshop

A Little Opulent All your tools well arranged to create your "Do It Yourself"! Hang them with small nails and they will be very easy to spot. Source: A Little Opulent

A tidy kitchen

Refinery 92 More accessible than at the bottom of a drawer, these kitchen utensils can also be used as decoration on a colored perforated panel. Pans, cutlery and other plates will find their place perfectly on your panel! Source: Refinery 29

The suspended office

Home Stories At Oz Set up a desk for a bite of bread! With the help of a simple wooden board and a perforated panel fixed to the wall, you can work in ideal conditions, organize all your equipment and decorate your room. Source: Home Stories A To Z

Tidy jars

Kick Starter For aspiring cooks who no longer know where to store their jars! Better than on the floor in the back of your garage, they will now be well organized. Screw metal bars onto your pegboard on which you will slide the covers. Source: Kick Starter