10 must-have food brands in Brooklyn

10 must-have food brands in Brooklyn

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Against the consumerist codes of Manhattan and far from the trend junk food very popular in the United States, Brooklyn, trendy district of New York is illustrated today by its gastronomy which advocates a return to the natural and to the artisanal and local products. . A quick overview of brands, "favorite" products and inventive places that celebrate the beautiful, the good and the organic.

Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange First place of intense culture on the roofs of New York, Brooklyn Grange is a farm of a new kind. Today considered one of the largest above-ground farms, it produces more than 50,000 kg of organic vegetables per year: flowers, lettuces, broccoli, kale, spinach, leeks, carrots, tomatoes, which in particular allow the production of hot sauces. All interspersed with thirty bee hives and a small chicken coop. Brooklyn Grange


Smorgasburg Passing through Brooklyn, Smorgasburg is THE tourist destination not to be missed! Located in Williamsburg and open from April to the end of November, this gourmet market brings together the cream of New York street food vendors. Between culinary specialties made in New York and inventive recipes ... this one has more than one trick up its sleeve. Awakening of the senses guaranteed! Smorgasburg

Blue Marble Ice Cream

Blue Marble Considered by Time Out New York readers as the best ice cream in the city, Blue Marble Ice Cream is the rising brand in Brooklyn. Located in Sunset Park, it offers ecological ice cream made from grazing cow's milk without artificial preservatives. What offer a healthy pleasure in total respect for the environment. Blue Marble Ice Cream

Brooklyn Sesame

Brooklyn Sesame Favorite for the brand Brooklyn Sesame which today competes with nutella and the famous peanut butter, prized by the Americans. Committed to producing high-quality artisanal products, the brand offers spreads made from sesame, honey or almonds. We have mouth water! Brooklyn Sesame

Better off Spread

Jocelyn Baun Gradually changing the way we consume for a more eco-responsible lifestyle is the credo of Better off Spread which offers spicy, sweet and savory sauces often gluten-free, from organic elements. So tempted? Better off Spread

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery Located in the Williamsburg district, Brooklyn Brewery is one of the first successful breweries since the closure of Schaefer and Rheingold in 1976. Spanning 6000 m² and including a tasting space, it offers brewed beers throughout the year, such as the iconic Brooklyn Lager and seasonal beers. Brooklyn Brewery

Convenience store

Dépanneur Cupcakes full of cream, dripping jam muffins and delicious Fitzgerald grilled toast with prawns, spicy cheese cream and blueberries… the Dépanneur is The place to be in Brooklyn. In addition to these sweets made in the USA, the place has made available to customers a gourmet organic grocery department where you can shop for sweets, chocolates and cookies, appetizers, condiments and sauces and even hygiene products. Convenience store

Liddabit Sweets

Honestly Yum Handmade candies made with local and seasonal products, do you like it? Head to the Liddabit Sweets store in Brooklyn, which offers candies and other treats with original notes: caramel bacon, pretzel beer and caramel… and many more. Yum ! Liddabit Sweets

Morris Kitchen

Morris Kitchen Packed in browned bottles, Morris Kitchen syrups are sure to please! Developed in an artisanal way from natural ingredients, these can enhance its sweet treats. And, for the most daring to prepare cocktails worthy of the biggest bars at home. Morris Kitchen