Acrylic paint: our selection

Acrylic paint: our selection

Low odor, easy to apply and drying very quickly, acrylic wall paint has become essential for painting at home. On this occasion, the editorial staff invites you to discover 20 ways to invite water-based paint to your accommodation. So ready to see all the colors?

Classic revisited

Tollens Ideal for decorating the walls of any room in the house, the monolayer acrylic paints with satin appearance from the Tollens Balance collection will offer you comfort in application thanks to its creamy texture and quick drying. Easy to maintain, they also resist frequent friction and cleaning.

Natural and timeless

Ripolin Stimulate your senses and breathe new life into your room by focusing on the Morning Coffee collection from the Attitude range from Ripolin. Making the most of the raw and vegetal tones, it will bring two movements in three stages a natural and authentic touch to your interior. Satin bamboo, glittering linen or primrose yellow satin… all you have to do is choose from the 13 colors available.


Dulux Valentine To energize a room that is too bland without distorting the atmosphere, there's nothing like combining two complementary colors on the wall. Here, the wall has been vertically covered with gray Poplin acrylic paint and Gray ribbon from the Couture collection by Dulux Valentine. The result is a graphic interior, punctuated by these two colors.

Sweet cocoon

Ripolin What could be better than a zen and soothing atmosphere in our children's room. To do this, you just need to choose the pastel blue satin paint that makes up the Ripolin sweet break collection. Eliminating up to 60% of formaldehyde present in the room in 24 hours, it provides comfort because of its ability to sanitize rooms.

Urban touch

Ripolin Nothing like the paintings from Ripolin's urban stride collection to bring an urban and contemporary touch to its interior. A bright and refined style that goes to the essentials!


Castorama Because indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air, Castorama imagined Colors Respiréa, a range of acrylic paints that purify the air by capturing and absorbing the formaldehyde present in the air. Result, the parts are cleaned up.

The heat of warm tones

Dulux Valentine Intense, sensual and flamboyant, the Sauvage collection by Dulux Valentine, a true mix of world cultures, is an invitation to travel. In tone on tone, its eight warm tones will create an atmosphere conducive to a change of scenery and all escapes.

Quintessence of luxury

Dulux Valentine Fancy a chic, elegant interior imbued with a certain refinement, the Glamor collection from the Couture range of Dulux Valentine is made for you. This plays on the contrasts between powerful colors, hushed nuances and subtle gold reflections. A real treat !

The tie and dye style on your walls

1825 Let yourself be captivated by the tie and dye trend by opting for the 1825 house mojito acrylic paint 1825 which will bring a nice touch of freshness to your interior and will ideally amplify the brightness of your room.

So romantic!

Dulux Valentine Creating a romantic atmosphere by combining several colors is not always easy. Yet this is the challenge brilliantly taken up by Dulux Valentine in this poetic bedroom. To do this, the brand has bet on the soft colors of its pretty Couture collection, ecru linen, organza pink and flannel gray.


Tollens Modern and full of pep's, your living room will be full of good humor with the Pantone collection by Tollens. Chosen in a red tone, it will vibrate your interior and bring dynamism to the space it dresses.


Ripolin Sichuan pepper, pistachio green, blood orange or blackcurrant coulis, opt for the warm and spicy shades of the Ripolin culinary workshop collection. And for more originality, bet on one of the four audacious finishes, shiny or scintillating, which will twist the decoration of your room in the blink of an eye.

Beautiful shine

Tollens Bring the sun into your bathroom with the flash yellow shade with 100% acrylic resins from the Tollens Flat Hydro collection. Available in a wide range of shades and aspects, this collection guarantees you great application comfort in order to offer a perfect result on all supports.

Japanese spirit revisited

1825 In 2015, interior decorator and architect Aurélie Hémar joined forces with Maison 1825 to sign a capsule collection of forty new colors. With Soft Print, she revisits the Japanese style by bringing it modernity and design style. The trick: marry bluish gray, white and a little red to energize everything.

Chic and modern

Mercadier The collection of 100% Mercadier water-based paints is 120 fresh and lively, deep or deep colors available in 5 finishes adapted to each of your decoration projects and formulated taking into account current environmental and technical requirements. A good reason therefore to succumb to its wide range, chic and modern at the same time.

Easy maintenance

Little Greene Fifteen times more resistant than ordinary acrylic paint, Little Greene paints are formulated for optimal resistance with a matte appearance. 100% acrylic, they resist stains and make the support perfectly washable. A good reason to succumb to these pretty colors.

Authenticity and refinement

Little Greene Bonus, the brand offers its Colors Scales and Colors of England ranges… 164 emblematic shades encompassing all the main design periods: from the Georgian period, to the Victorian period in the 1930s and much more.

Plant inspiration

4 walls Do you want to create a refreshing little corner of paradise inspired by plants? You just need to choose the satin raffia acrylic mural, seen on the 4 walls site. And for more effect you will associate it with the sapphire alkyd bamboo satin finish paint.

Children's shades

Zolpan Do you dream of welcoming baby in a peaceful and pleasant environment? Rejoice, today Zolpan offers a collection of paintings dedicated to the bedroom of our little ones made up of 4 strong trends with very distinct styles: little dreamers, little gourmands, little dungeons and little clowns. You just have to choose the atmosphere you want to give to this space.