Lapeyre: discover the 2016 collection

Lapeyre: discover the 2016 collection

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Lapeyre begins 2016 under the sign of difference. Its motto: "arrange housing differently". It's done with this innovative collection to furnish and decorate our interiors. Discovery in pictures!

Decorative cupboards

Lapeyre Certainly, the range of cupboard doors "Partition" probably tells you something. Know that it is enriched this year with 3 new decorations: Pink, Gray Oak and Taupe lacquered glass. Ideal in a living room or hallway to store our things and blend in with the decor.

High resistance ceramic

Lapeyre For 2016, Lapeyre offers a modern kitchen, with resistant materials. The ceramic worktop offers very high thermal and mechanical resistance, resistant to shocks, scratches and heat. Its satin effect will delight decor lovers who can choose from several colors: sable, cloud gray, heather gray, black and white leather.

Modern and lit sinks

Lapeyre For a 100% aesthetic kitchen, the "Eden" sink has the advantage of extending the worktop. Thus, it enlarges the surface and plays the card of modernity. Another model, "Epure Led" also in synthesis, is lit by LEDs located in the tank, for a bright kitchen.

Light on the kitchen

Lapeyre With its sleek design and ceramic materials, the Lapeyre kitchen is no less bright. For this, the brand offers a new range of Led lighting. Spotlights, crimps, ramps, everything is planned to shine and light up your good little dishes.

Spaces that extend

Lapeyre Lapeyre is surfing the trend of open-plan spaces to design a kitchen as an extension of the living room. Thus was born the "Ytrac" model, also available in black, white, mink and light oak.

Contemporary interior

Lapeyre In 2016, Lapeyre offers very contemporary parquet and flooring. Kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom ... all the rooms are dressed in a refined and design decoration. The brand also offers modular storage for all spaces and dimensions.

Rather shower or bath?

Lapeyre Lapeyre upsets the traditional shower with "Maxxi", a wall with a sliding rail mounted in the lower part. Transparent glass, easy access, anti-lime treatment ... what more could you ask for? Bath addicts will prefer "Presk'ile", a real island in one-piece white acrylic. A bathtub to place against the wall to ensure the tranquility of the bath.

The Raindance Select

Lapeyre The Raindance Select shower column is ergonomic, easy to maintain and to use. Its Select technology allows you to activate and deactivate the water at the touch of a button controlling the desired water outlet. On the ground, the "Equinoxe" tiling in glazed porcelain stoneware gives a contemporary and soft side to the room. Concrete tiles!

Street art in the bathroom

Lapeyre Attention novelty! Street art invites itself into the bathroom with "Enjoy", an earthenware wall in graph. The model is inspired by the name Steuler, exclusive partner Lapeyre for the black and white decorations.