Funny and original rugs for toddlers

Funny and original rugs for toddlers

From the start of winter, we don't hesitate to warm the children's room with carpets. But not just any! Whether they are hopscotch, puzzle, cookie or car shaped, we want them to match the vivid imagination of our little wolves. Good pick !


Lilipouce ### Adorable carpet / cookie that you can only admire if you can't bite it. And girly gluttony invites itself into the bedroom!

A hopscotch

Lilipouce ### The game of hopscotch hardly seems to run out of steam over the years ... with the difference that little ones can now have fun on a carpet in their bedroom rather than on a drawing of the floor made with chalk. Heaven! We love !

Darts game

Fly ### Between optical illusion and inspiration "dart board", this round and colorful carpet promises to twist the room of toddlers with punch and fantasy! Difficult to resist.


La Redoute ### A little poetry in this world of rough! Under the feet of little girls, it's a pink butterfly that will keep them warm. Because originality also rhymes with lightness and delicacy…


Fly ### Make way for a good mood! This is the hidden message of this carpet - smiley clown at our feet. A funny face that has everything to amuse children, it cannot be refused…


Fleux ### Departure by taxi to go around the world, or almost. In any case, all apprentice car drivers and adventurers should be thrilled by this funky carpet imbued with decidedly exotic patterns.


Zygote ### Notice to aspiring explorers! In the footsteps of this truly unusual carpet, perhaps they could invent the most eccentric and improbable stories…