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Apartments designed by Andrée Putman in Hong Kong

Apartments designed by Andrée Putman in Hong Kong

French design shines around the world, proof with an incredible boutique hotel in the heart of Hong Kong which offers apartments imagined in their entirety by the great lady of design Andrée Putman in 2007. Visit an apartment where elegance is a must in every detail.

Total design

The Putman The designer not only worked inside the apartments but also brought her touch to the whole building. She thus supervised the design of the site, its development, from the facade of the building to the interior architecture. The facade is thus dressed in colors and curves that contrast with the geometry of this fully glazed building.

A comfortable space

The Putman Each apartment represents one floor of the building so as to offer total privacy to the inhabitants. The main room offers a superb living room where the curves of the furniture bring a warm atmosphere while the duo of black and white typical of the designer plays the card of timeless luxury.

Friendly cuisine

The Putman Clean and dressed in black and white, the kitchen aims to be a friendly space open to the living room and more specifically to the dining room. Fully equipped, yet it disappears from the eye with its elegance that blends into the wall.

Attention to detail

The Putman The Putman style is also the details. For the dishes, everything was chosen in harmony with the place with a play on shiny materials. Clean white plates that settle on a graphic black and white table set, design cutlery that meets pepper and elegant glassware: a chic and timeless table.

Different living spaces

The Putman The different living spaces of the apartment communicate through glass doors and spacious corridors which facilitate the circulation and harmony of the apartment while making the most of the incredible light brought by the bay windows.

A soothing room

The Putman Designed as an oasis of calm in the heart of the bustle of the city, the room is designed in light tones and very simple to soothe the eye without sacrificing elegance and style.

A practical apartment

The Putman Not only aesthetic, the apartment aims to be functional and offers elegant and refined storage spaces chosen in a light wood essence married to brushed stainless steel. Discreet luxury that makes this apartment very pleasant.

A bathroom dedicated to relaxation

The Putman Bright and subtle, the bathroom offers an unusual relaxation space thanks to a freestanding bathtub surrounded by superb pastel-colored tiles. A room once again functional thanks to its shelves inlaid in the wall.

Luxury in the details

The Putman Crockery, photo frame or storage compartment play the card of absolute elegance and offer this apartment an extra touch of style to live the design as imagined by Andrée Putman. More info on