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Coatings are inspired by nature

Coatings are inspired by nature

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At the Maison & Objet trade fair in January 2013, the living theme gave pride of place to natural elements. In the home, this translates into coatings that are inspired by nature to make life between your home and offer you a soothing interior. Zoom on 10 coatings with natural accents.

Stone on the walls

Leroy Merlin What if the mineral element took over the house? For this, we use wall facing stones to dress a wall. For a very decorative effect, we extend the stone to the outside in order to create a link between inside and outside.

A wood effect on the walls

Leroy Merlin To create a natural woody effect, you will find wallpaper imitating the wood to install on your walls. The trompe l'oeil effect is stunning and will give a whole new look to any room in the blink of an eye.

Real wood on the walls

Gascogne Wood Products But if you prefer real wood for its unique touch, you will rather choose paneling in a contemporary version with gray finishes for example like this warm and modern wooden bathroom.

Bamboo on the walls

Leroy Merlin And if for you nature is considered exotic, you can offer yourself a wallpaper that imitates bamboo! Zen spirit guaranteed, whether you use a strip or cover the entire wall!

Bamboo on the ground

Saint Maclou And to refine your decor around bamboo, know that it is installed on the ground by transforming into parquet with character. It will be ideal to give an exotic atmosphere to a space.

A forest on the wall

Homology To finish with the trompe l'oeil wallpaper, you will also find models that imitate tree forests to give you the impression of being surrounded by nature. It's up to you to install it in your living room for a bowl of freshness.

A beautiful parquet floor

Didier Cabuy And to set up your natural decor, nothing will be worth a beautiful parquet floor which will bring a woody touch to your interior. Do not hesitate to choose an essence with visible veins.

Cork as a floor covering

Saint Maclou Similarly, for a natural but more original floor, you can opt for cork, which is a floor covering with multiple qualities, particularly insulating. It will bring character to your interior.

Seagrass on the ground

Saint Maclou Finally, if you want a floor that uses natural fibers, you can choose sisal or seagrass which have a beautiful appearance in a natural color while being ecological.