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Curtains: choose your pattern!

Curtains: choose your pattern!

How about daring patterned curtains to change traditional solid patterns? But beware, we don't opt ​​for just any motif but rather choose a model that matches our style! To help you, we have selected 10 designs that you can adopt at home!

Urban and graphic curtains

Leroy Merlin If you want an interior that evokes the effervescence of the capitals of the world, you will opt for curtains with urban accents. We choose for example a very graphic model which displays the name of your favorite cities in trendy colors like gray and black.

Striped and sunny curtains

Bouchara To energize your contemporary interior, you can opt for a strong pattern like stripes and for a warm atmosphere, we will opt for red! The curtains will instantly put a good mood in your interior.

Scandinavian purity curtains

Leroy Merlin If your interior is only softness, woody materials and pure colors, your curtains must follow this Scandinavian trend! For this, we put on original curtains with patterns that open up the white curtains to give them a graphic appearance but still very soft. The openwork effect will bring in addition to lightness.

Textured curtains

Saint Maclou The trend cabinet of curiosity prevails in the house! For curtains that match this style, we opt for a pattern that evokes animal skin thanks to a surprising material effect.

Natural and soothing curtains

Saint Maclou In an interior with Zen accents, nothing like nature to soothe you! The curtains are not told twice and have plant motifs in natural colors that are pleasant to live with.

Feminine and elegant curtains

Castorama In a room imagined as a boudoir, we put on feminine patterns like flowers which will be inscribed on the curtains using very discreet dark rhinestones. The curtains are transformed into a real jewel!

Floral and romantic curtains

Ikea In a romantic atmosphere, you can opt for country-style curtains that will display delicate and colorful flowers with softness. The curtains will then respond to the bed linen for a harmonious bedroom.

Baroque and flamboyant curtains

Lizzo Finally, if you wish to dramatize one of your plays, it is towards the baroque motif that you will have to orient yourself! With a beautiful contrast of black and white or even red and black, the pattern will draw flamboyant arabesques and scrolls.