DIY: good storage ideas for mom bloggers

DIY: good storage ideas for mom bloggers

Our cute sin of ultra connected? Spend time - a lot of time - on blogs to compulsively consult testimonials, tutorials, recipes and photo reports. From all of these online readings we have taken some great tips for tidying up the house. It is the mom bloggers who also deliver the best tips for ordering the whole household. Tricks tested and approved by these resourceful mothers, who never let themselves be dismantled by a pile of laundry or a mountain of toys. Anthology.

Bet on recovery

Jesus Sauvage Blogging mothers are generally followers of the D system. No wonder, therefore, that in their daily lives, nothing is lost and everything is transformed. This is the case of blogger Jesus Sauvage who transformed these wine boxes into a multifunctional shelf. More info on

Hide too bulky games

My cakies In her children's bedroom, the blogger of My cakies showed ingenuity to camouflage the most imposing toys. His secret: invest a large closet, hidden behind an innocent curtain, to store the dinette and the grocery corner. More info on

Create a custom library

Mermag blog In a child's room, it is often difficult to put away books and small figurines. This blogger mom found the solution by using the entire surface of an unused wall section above a changing table to install very narrow shelves, similar to picture rails. More info on

Do not search for keys for hours

Lilaliv How many precious minutes are lost each day looking for the keyring, the cellphone or the comforter? We prefer not to think about it. Good news, for the keys, Patrizia has the solution. This mother of German origin makes a wall keychain using a block of wood which she saws and which she sands. In the grooves slip ropes maintained by wooden beads on which the house keys will hang. Simple and efficient. More info on

Combine small DIY storage

Morganours Morgane is Armand's mom. She is also a blogger and a big fan of DIY. Not surprising therefore to see her create metal baskets. Her tip: use scraps of fencing that she spray-painted. She makes different sizes and disperses it throughout the house. More info on

Have a functional kitchen

And god created When we are parents, the kitchen inevitably becomes a central room in which we spend a lot of time. So there is no question of letting disorder come to our table. To avoid shambles, Elisa, a mother of three, installed a kitchen panel above her worktop. A follower of System D, she bought a perforated metal table which she fitted with credenzas, door knobs and hooks. To keep cutlery and pans close at hand. More info on

Involve your child

Handmade Charlotte A tidy house is a house where parents set a good example and encourage their children to participate. This is why the blogger mom of Hand made Charlotte has set up a dashboard of interior tasks. Put away his toys, make his bed ... the child ticks off the activity made according to the day of the week. To instill educational and playful values ​​in storage. More info on

Customize the furniture

Hello blogzine How to give the urge to tidy up for young and old? Decorating the furniture around us can be a great source of motivation. Carine and Anne-Sophie who run the Hello Blogzine blog with four hands have understood this. With simple stickers they give us three ideas for twisting a child's chest of drawers. More info on helloblogzine

Do not leave photos and drawings lying around

The caldwell project Parents, we spend most of the time putting away the drawings of our kids and the family photos that we develop on the assembly line. This is why we applaud the clever idea of ​​this mother of two little girls who made a graphic photo holder using a braided rope. More info on and