A bohemian-chic apartment in the heart of Paris

A bohemian-chic apartment in the heart of Paris

In this Parisian apartment in the 16th arrondissement, the architecture agency Véronique Cotrel has managed to achieve a beautiful encounter between the Haussmannian and the bohemian chic. Far from the traditional codes attributed to it (warm colors, raw materials, furniture on the floor), the bohemian chic style is here taken up with sobriety and elegance. A new way to create a classic style with a touch of eccentricity on the walls. Visit.

A kitchen open to the living room and the entrance

Véronique Cotrel To avoid partitioning the spaces, the architects designed a kitchen open to the living room and the entrance. The demarcation is done on the ground with blue cement tiles, reminiscent of the living room.

And while sober

Véronique Cotrel Bicolore, the kitchen alternates between cupboards and wooden appliances and white walls. Sober and chic, this little kitchen area has nothing to envy the grown-ups!

An arty dining room

Véronique Cotrel Next to the living room, the dining room displays a fine collection of paintings and works of art. We like chairs with a unique model but with mismatched colors, alternating between wood and blue, the flagship color of the living room.

A multifunction library

Véronique Cotrel Clever, the library also acts as a partition between the dining room and the office behind.

Mirror, mirror!

Véronique Cotrel The centerpiece of the apartment, this huge mirror seen from the entrance actually hides the toilets! A good way to forget the room by reflecting everything around it. Note the door hidden in the thickness of the mirror.

Fairytale walls in the bathroom

Véronique Cotrel Here is a most original bathroom! It must be said that this marbled wall is of the most beautiful effect and trompe-l'oeil! It is actually a waterproof wallpaper applied to the entire wall. A beautiful way to dress it, sublimated by these LED backlit mirrors. The little extra decoration: the taps on the wall and the oak basin that looks like a sideboard.

Tie and dye in the bedroom

Véronique Cotrel Incredible, this tie and dye painting immediately transports us into a beautiful poetic universe. Know that you can do it at home using this ultra decorative wallpaper. The blue and pink then seem to extend over the bedding chosen in the same colors.

Make way for the dressing room!

Véronique Cotrel Opposite, the dressing in raw oak imposes by its height but not by its style. Discreet and elegant, its light wood does not obscure the room and plays the card of discretion.

A colorful and refined room for children

Véronique Cotrel Finally, children also have their decorative corner with this pretty colorful room. The pendant lamp and the khaki wall break the original classicism a bit (point of Hungary and moldings on the ceiling). More info on