I want pop food!

I want pop food!

So that the kitchen becomes a real space of good humor, we put on the pop style and its acid colors! One watchword: bring color into the kitchen. Formica furniture flea market, colorful details, 60's and 70's decor ... here are our examples to adopt pop in the kitchen.

Some pop touches

Casey Brodley The pop style can also be done with small decorative touches. Like here where the bottom of the furniture and the glass jars have been customized to add color to a rather pastel kitchen. Source: Oh Joy

Pastel points

Picslovin Pop doesn't have to rhyme with fluorescent. In this black and white kitchen, the pop details are in the smeg appliances in the pretty pastel color. Source: Picslovin

And why not a car in the kitchen!

Stuart McIntyre Sometimes it only takes a few things… Here, two elements define the style of this kitchen: the red refrigerator with a vintage look and the decorative yellow Mini hung above the credenza. Source: Stuart McIntyre

Flashy details

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter No need to completely change the layout of your kitchen. To make it more pop, choose a color - here, green - and cover the splashback and the worktop. Source: Tham & Videgård Arkitekter

Splashes of yellow

Carrot style / Alys Design Here again, special attention is paid to details to give style to the kitchen. The yellow bar stools enhance the decoration of this immaculate kitchen. Source: Carrot Style

Vintage and pop

Clara Stickar In her kitchen, the Swedish Clara Stickar mixes the colors red, yellow and turquoise for a pop and eminently romantic look. Source: Clara Stickar

Wall stickers

Adriaan Louw To make this kitchen with green furniture a little more pop, a wall sticker is very beautiful. We hang it at the top, with XXL letters for a message worthy of the finest pop rock standards. All you need is love… Source: Adriaan Louw

Colorful tiles

Dabito It doesn't take much to change the style of a kitchen. Dare to color and opt for a colorful metro style tiling which you dress up the splashback. Source: Jungalow

Color to enhance the woodwork

Flik by Design, captured by Donna Griffith To eliminate the slightly old-fashioned side of this dark wood paneling kitchen, nothing like the pop details of the appliances. Tune the fridge, the hood and the oven in the same pastel green color, for a soft pop evocation. Source: Lovin 'Blog