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A trendy Scandinavian fair

A trendy Scandinavian fair

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Furniture, lighting, decoration, all ideas to give a Scandinavian touch to your living room.

Seats, flagship furniture of Scandinavian design

Skona Hem ** The seats are one of the greatest successes of Scandinavian design. The ant chair by Arne Jacobsen or the RAR rocking chair by Eames, to name a few, have become legendary pieces of furniture. For your interior, you can choose classic chairs in raw wood, but the must remain the plastic chairs, to be matched for more originality. Another option is wooden benches, an inexpensive decorative solution to give a warm atmosphere to a simple rectangular table. **

Designer and warm tables

Femina dk ** Among the Scandinavians, the dining table is often the centerpiece of the living room. Friendly, central, and practical, it must be chosen with care. Two options: either we remain sober, opting for a rectangular table, with clean lines, in light or bleached wood. Either we choose a more design model, oval or rounded, in plastic or steel. Whatever your inclination, you will be spoiled for choice since the designers compete in imagination to create practical and decorative tables. **

A decoration all in light

** Light occupies a central place in Scandinavian decoration, with poetic and inspiring lamps. Generally, the living room is lit by a very decorative pendant light, and by multiple small lamps dotted around the room. On the design side, we find in particular the paper trend, with the aerial suspensions of Normann Copenaghen. More sober, many designers are inspired by industrial lighting, bringing them up to date in flashy colors. **


** In Scandinavian interiors, everything is in the details. Cushions, carpets, vases, paintings, bring cheerfulness and charm to the decoration. The often marked colors of these elements enhance the clarity of the furniture. Another particularity, the apartments are often decorated with odds and ends. Misappropriated objects, collages, books stacked to create a pedestal table, so many ideas to create an original and warm atmosphere. So let your imagination run wild ... **