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A garden swing, several possibilities

A garden swing, several possibilities

In the minds of toddlers (and older children), the must in the "garden" sphere is to be equipped with a swing! It remains to choose the model that best suits us.

With backrest

Ferm Living The swing at the forefront of comfort and chic, that's it! Instead of a simple seat, a footless chair. Now swinging rhymes with being well backed. Who says better ?


La Redoute To swing back to back, we vote for a swing with extra large seat! Ideal for waiting for your turn, ideal for having fun with siblings, friends and girlfriends.

On a wire

La Redoute A swing with a round seat, a swing hanging by one wire. This is the whole concept of so-called "disc" models, thanks to which children swing by describing circles. Great fun!

Playground way

La Redoute Balançoire but not only! Integrated into a full maxi play area including hut and slide, this double of swings has everything to fill children.

Cocoon version

AM.PM After the armchair version, the "egg" version! To swing alone or in pairs and why not, fall asleep at the whim of the comings and goings, this hanging cocoon is good for us.

Perched on a tree

La Redoute Here is a model that well-planted gardens can afford: a swing with a seat, itself suspended on 4 cords, themselves perched on the branch of a tree. To swing at the foot of Mother Nature, we love it!

Baby special

La Redoute Bébé also has the right to swing! Miniature format, adapted seat and protection included, and that's how to initiate it into the "swing" trend.

Classic model

La Redoute The classic swing for the end. Two seats and a bonus balance game, all suspended from a wooden support. No more strolling around the corner park!